The world is struggling to contain the outbreak of Covid-19 as its impact is spreading rapidly across the globe. The coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on footfall since its outbreak. Footfall was almost 93% down compared to the previous year at its worst during the pandemic. Shops and shopping centres in the UK reopened their doors on June 15th with restrictions on the number of shoppers allowed in the stores at any one time. Comparing footfall numbers to last year, significant drops are visible. However, reviewing the footfall numbers of the last few weeks we see some improvement.

Face masks in public spaces

The last few months have been very challenging for businesses. They have been struggling to find a way to (re)open while also adhering to social distancing rules. Shoppers are obliged to wear face masks in many public spaces. Figures reveal however, that customer numbers have fallen after the introduction of mandatory face masks in shops.

Managing occupancy

Smart retailers think about all scenarios and are planning accordingly. There is no going back and it’s time to face the fact and start adapting. PFM Footfall Intelligence specialises in people counting & related data science. The tools provided by PFM allow clients to actively manage the occupancy levels at their locations such as shops, shopping centres or grocery stores. Whatever location it is, queues need to be managed in order to keep staff and the public safe.

PFM provides you with a weekly heatmap of recent footfall of your centre or shop. You can place these heat maps on your website or social media, so that your customers can see for themselves when it is a good time to go shopping. PFM does not only provide weekly information, but can also measure real-time occupany to display, with 99% accuracy, how many people you currently have at your business location so that you can take action immediately when necessary.


PFM counting solutions can help you to cope with the restrictions on  visitor numbers in public areas. Their tailor-made solutions are always specific to your specific location and wishes. PFM is specialised in four focus areas: shops, shopping centers, streets and stations. However, other locations can also make use of PFM’s counting technology. If you own a location and are in need of a counting solution, don’t hesitate to reach out.